A brilliant star on the Horizon of the Fashion world, Synonymous with quality and epitome of perfection. We are a manufacture-exporter of Sweaters and Knitted Garments for Women. We produce sweaters on Multi Gauge Stoll Machines.

To be bold and innovative and the same time keep track of the changing trend in fashion is the hallmark of  . The last decade has seen changes in designs, with new technology –creating surge in the fashion world. To say that this is the measure of the growth & share Index of the whole, is an index able fact.

Directly as result of this India has come into the fore from of export market and rubs shoulder with the more famous name in fashion, thereby directly competing with other already established countries. No longer can it be said that fashion in India is still in embryonic stages as its stupendous progress has made a permanent niche in the world market. 

is a company that offers competitive prices without compromising the quality. Finally it must be said that we believe in the philosophy that action speaks louder than words, everyone says , that they are the best, we want your experience with us to express it for us. You can test us and feel profitable contended. You can rely on us for ALL YOUR LONG TERM COMMITMENTS.